As I race to the phone accompanied by my self-appointed Pixiebob guard running beside me, I am struck anew at what a delightful breed of cat the Pixiebob is.

Pixiebob cats often become a guard cat for their human or their household. They walk on leashes, they like to ride around in backpacks or cat strollers, some love water, they play fetch, they come running when you call (most of the time, sometimes they stroll).

Pixiebobs learn the language you speak, including  “don’t even think about it,” and they are as trainable and adaptable as dogs.

This website is created to present our Pixiebob Cats to you and to honor the beginnings of the Pixiebob breed and the Carol Ann Brewer story.

We want to share our love, joy, and continued surprise in the antics and thought processes of this delightful breed of cat.

Welcome to Snowcap Pixiebobs, now located in the Panhandle area of Texas where the legendary Route 66 runs through it.

We still make trips back to our beloved horse ranch in Central Oregon, bringing Pixiebobs to their new families. We will always be grounded by our strong roots in the Pacific Northwest.

On our site you can learn about the Breed, meet our SnowCap Pixies, and of course enjoy plenty of Photos of Pixiebobs.

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Pixiebobs are highly intelligent and trainable

Their personality is almost doglike, and they bond with their person (or family) for life. Learn more about our current available kittens and cats that are looking for a home.

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Our Cattery

We provide an atmosphere of love for our Pixiebobs in an effort to develop confidence and “kindness” in our cats.

Studs & Queens

Learn more about our current studs and queens and retired cats, with photos and bios for each. 

About the Breed

Learn more about the breed, with these FAQs originally written by Carol Brewer, the breed founder.

Life with a Pixiebob

Through our years of raising Pixiebobs, we've developed a deep connection with this amazing breed of cat. Here we share information and insights into caring for a Pixiebob.
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Photo Gallery

See playful kittens, Pixiebobs on walks and riding in boats, as well as historic photos from Carol Brewer. Get a feel for what a Pixiebob is truly like by browsing our photo gallery.
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"For the Love of Pixie"

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Send us a message to find out more about Pixiebobs, our latest kittens, and any questions you may have.

Please note, all outdoor photos on this site were taken with people nearby to help with the safety of the cats, the cats do not roam free.