Stoneisland Big Foot of Snowcap Pixiebobs aka Big Foot

I have been blessed with Big Foot. Thank you Carol Ann Brewer, my mentor and friend, who had the faith to entrust her to me. Big Foot is the only known GRANDCHILD of STONEISLAND SAMSON. Samson had such a positive and widespread influence on the Pixiebob breed. He is a legend as the word describes. To know Big Foot is to know and believe in the shrouded mystery of the LegendCat™. As a dear friend states, "she is a small wild creature that I fondly call a cat". She is the matriarch of the cat community and a force within our own family unit. Her litters are few and far between but her kittens are extra wild-looking and strong individuals of their own. Her son Snowcap Pixiebobs Brother Calvin fancies himself as a ranch dog and has been compared as a look-a-like bobcat seen in the trees of the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon. When she purrs she has a song that starts up, it is the same melody each time but I have been unable to catch it on a tape recorder. I asked Carol Ann if she had ever heard it and she replied, "once".

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Snowcap Pixies Bigfoot Lilly Rose

Rose is a daughter of Stoneisland Big Foot and DixiePixie Waco Bob. These are the two premier bloodlines of the Pixiebob breed, in my estimation. She is a beautiful girl and is as if the standard for the Pixiebob was written about her. I will be showing her in 2008 and am excited about the prospect. She is a worrier and voices her concern about the world in general and, more specifically, when her next meal will be. She speaks in quiet chirps but if I don't respond to her she raises her voice so there is no question about my hearing ability. She produces kittens who are not only very wild-looking but fit the standard with personality plus.


My Miracle of Snowcap Pixiebobs

My Miracle is as her name describes. The only off-spring of two barn cats who I recognized as special from the moment I saw her. She was declared first generation Pixiebob by TICA and, to my knowledge, she is the first LegendCat™ in quite a while to be declared. She is perfect. Her spotting is spectacular and when we walk into a local pub where there is a stuffed bobcat (this is Oregon) on display the bobcat has the same spotting pattern and coloring shades. I believe the bobcat displayed and Miracle must resemble the local area bobcats. Possibly a cross between the Coastal Red Bobcat and the Desert Lynx which runs close to our area. I cannot recall ever hearing a chirp or meow out of her but she does make her presence known. A gentle creature who is inherently polite, she throws her quiet nature and her spotting pattern to her kittens each time.


Livinglegend Zooey Girl of Snowcap Pixiebobs

More to come on this girl but my forever thanks to Livinglegend Pixiebobs for this girl. She is a StoneIsland Red Fox granddaughter, another hard to find old Northwest bloodline. She is a double Red Fox and granddaughter to SGC Stoneisland Red Fox Seattle Cat.

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